The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a non-profit organization that will develop and operate mattress recycling programs in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In 2013, all three states passed laws requiring mattress manufacturers to develop programs to manage discarded mattresses.

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MRC Update

Answers to Your Questions about California’s RFP

We've issued our answers to the questions we received regarding the RFP for California's recycling and transportation services. Please consult the RFP Q&A prior to completing and submitting your … [Read More...]

MRC Update

California Transportation & Recycling Services RFP Responses Due April 22

This RFP has been created to help MRC assess costs and capabilities to comply with the California Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act. Click the following links to access the RFP and the RFP … [Read More...]

MRC Update

Rhode Island Mattress Producers & Importers Must Join MRC by July 1, 2015

Rhode Island Code 23-90, which established the statewide mattress recycling program, requires that mattress producers and importers that sell, or offer mattresses for sale, to Rhode Island end users … [Read More...]

MRC Update

Recycling Fee Collection Begins May 1 in Connecticut

The $9 Recycling Fee must be collected on all sales of mattresses and box springs to Connecticut consumers beginning May 1. To learn more about the fee, its collection and remittance, please read the … [Read More...]

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